Friday, July 30, 2010

"Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy. She'll beat you if she's able..."

"Desperado," by the Eagles.

I was looking forward to taking some nice pictures today, because the forecast was for overcast skies in the afternoon... Apparently, the clouds missed my house. Not that I'm complaining, really; it's just really hard for someone who's using the shot timer on their camera and who has little to no actual talent taking pictures to take pictures of themselves. Not that that's me... No... Of course not.

I started inside, because when I originally went out, it was too early to be outside. And then, when I got home and slipped into what I had planned on wearing tonight, the sun started to kill the photos. So, I went back inside. I know, it's so complicated.

sweater, american eagle; belt, charlotte russe; skirt, forever 21; bag, garage sale; socks, unknown; shoes, kohl's (seen here).

I realize now that the socks don't look as cute in pictures as they do in person... Oops.

And here's what I'm wearing tonight, for dinner out with my friends.
dress, american eagle; metallic tank (worn underneath), kirra, pacsun; sweater, forever 21; shoes, jessica simpson, nordstrom; pearl necklace, unknown; gold clutch, garage sale.

I'm mostly just excited to be out of the house. I mean, I've been out a few times (although I'm not sure that two different, unplanned orthodontist trips count) but nothing quite so... exciting.

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Have a good day!


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