Thursday, July 22, 2010

"and we'll be a dream..."

Here's some more pictures from Sunday afternoon...

We laughed for an hour at this one. It's almost ridiculous how perfect that curl is.
This is, hands down, one my favorites.

On Alaina--
Top: Alloy.
Shorts (unseen): American Eagle, tie-dyed by yours truly.
Clock Necklace: Good Will.
Belt (worn as necklace): Unknown.
Fedora: Claire's.
Glasses: Dazed and Confused. Found them under the seat in the rental car in California.

On Rachel--
Top: Alloy.
Jeans: Bullhead.
Locket: Forever21.
Small Chain Necklace: Her own.

These were taken prior to the "boys are really insensitive" incident. Basically, she called her boyfriend from my cell around six, so he knew she was at my house. And then when we got on my laptop, around nine, just before watching '300,' she asked to use my cell. When she came back, she was crying. Her boyfriend broke up with her. Over Facebook. When he knew she was at my house. For another girl. Ugh. How lame can they get? Insert eyeroll and frustration here.
In other news, I'm basically addicted to "We'll Be A Dream" by We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato. I never actually realized it was her until I watched the video. Figures.

What's your new favorite song?

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