Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's still July and I'm already thinking about Homecoming.

Yeah, I know. Don't count your eggs before they're hatched, right?

I can't believe I'm wasting my summer thinking about school. And then I waste the latter half of the school year thinking of summer. Funny how that seems to work itself out.

Anyways, because fifties-inspired is so wonderful, "in", and oh-so flattering, I'm thinking/wishing for a dress more along the lines of a fifties prom silhouette. Strapless bodice, cinched waist, full skirt-- oh, goodness.

Here's kind of what I envisioned, although certainly not what I'll get.

 betsey johnson, evening organza strapless dress, $450.

unlisted by kenneth cole, secret file platform pump, $29.99.
not necessarily these shoes, but just a sky-high, nude pump.

Add a couple strands of big pearls, hair pulled back into a loose low bun, and gold and pink tones on the eyes. And there, you've got yourself a look.

Envision it.

I hope I can make it happen. It's keeping me up at night.

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  1. I really like your style! It's unique! It's cool that we're both from Washington state!