Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

i'll try not to quote 'the sound of music' too much, but these are a few of my favorite things.

...because I thought you all ought to know. Or something like that. I'm sure this is bound to be an incredibly photo heavy post, so I apologize in advance.

And, in no particular order whatsoever, here they are:

'Criminal Minds.' I had 17 episodes worth of Criminal Minds on the DVR at one point this summer. Needless to say, there's none left.
Photo from here.
'The Vampire Diaries.'
Clearly the most attractive cast of a TV in the history of ever. It doesn't help that the two lead character's names are "Elena" and "Stefan," a name match made in heaven. I would know.
Photo from Google Images. 
'GLEE.' I'm a drama kid, so, on one hand, I'm required to love it and watch it, yet on the other, it's just too wonderful not to love.

"A Prayer for Owen Meany," by John Irving. Read it. Finished it in the middle of class and cried. I seriously recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it. A man working in a bookstore downtown said his wife described it as "the best book she'd ever read with no discernible plot line until the very end." In other words, it's brilliant.
Anything by the German author Walter Moers. He's a genius. Seriously. Go read 'The City of Dreaming Books' or 'The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear.' It reads like J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, 'Alice in Wonderland' on crack. So it's wonderful.
Teen Vogue.

Photo is my own. Another phone picture. I swear, my phone takes better pictures than my camera.

'The Illusionist.'
'The Phantom of the Opera.'
Old Disney movies, like: 'The Lion King,' 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'The Little Mermaid,' and 'Aladdin.'
CONFESSION: I still sleep with a Lion King blanket, even though it barely covers half of me. It has Simba on it. And sometimes, when I'm really excited or depressed, I'll walk around with it over my shoulders.
All things Disneyland and Disneyworld. I'm a Disney child at heart, no way getting around it. I walked in Disneyland earlier this summer for the first time in years and just felt so ridiculously ecstatic to be there, if only for the fact that it was Disneyland. I really want to work there someday. I'll dress up as Belle. It'd so happen.
'Seasbiscuit,' by Laura Hillenbrand. Read it. Love it. It's about a horse, yes, but it's so amazing. You don't even know. I cried at the end, in the middle of my history class. Clearly, I do this far too often.
Ryan Reynolds and anything he does. Except for being married to ScarJo. I can't forgive him for that.
Photos from here and here, respectively.
The same goes for Logan Lerman.
Photo courtesy of Google Images.
Tumblrs and blogs about really hot guys, but this one in particular is fantastic, wonderful, and really inappropriate at times.
'WICKED.' You must see it if you haven't. It's really quite wonderful. Life-changing, really.
'RENT.' See above.
Yo-Yo Ma. The man is a cello god. But ignore the last part of the video.

'Stand By Me,' a movie based off of the Stephen King novella, "The Body."
Good grammar. Seriously. It's so underrated.
Matthew Gray Gubler. HE'S SO ADORABLE.

I took a picture of the TV because I was just so darn excited and pleased with his haircut. WHAT. A. CUTIE.

 Garage sales. Although, all too frequently, my father and I refer to them fondly, or perhaps not so much, as "crap dumps."
'Big Time Rush,' the band and the Nickelodeon TV show. Forgive me, but they're a total guilty pleasure. I mean, come on, they're adorable, they sing and dance, and in interviews, they just seem totally hilarious. I told my friend today that I want to just plunk them down on my couch and listen to them talk and joke around. Oh. And I'm going to marry Kendall Schmidt. Because he's adorable.


WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE COMMENTS. Cheesy, yeah? But seriously. I love 'em and I love reading them. So do it. Please. :D

Okay, I'm done. This was weirdly long. Sorry!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

"you're right. i am a belt fiend."

I went thrift store shopping with my friend on Tuesday, spent under fifteen dollars, and got two belts, a dress, and a book.

How gorgeous is this buckle? Ah! LOVE! And for only a dollar? I needed it.
Totally adorable dress, but incredibly sheer. Like, you can see EVERYTHING. OH NO! There were shoulder pads in it, too, but I killed those.
 How precious is this print? LOVE!

And, for fun, I styled two looks and used the belts. The first is more like something I'd wear, but I ADORE how the second turned out! Which do you like better?

look one: sweater, fossil; tank, old navy; jeans, bullhead, from pacsun; wedge heels, naturalizer (i believe, but the label has been worn out); necklace, forever 21; belt, thrifted; bag, unknown.

look two: sweater, hollister; top, delias; skirt, forever 21; shoes, deena & ozzy, urban outffiters; necklace and belt, thrifted; glasses, unknown.

 Which do you like better? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!

(And if you want to hear a pick from my iTunes, go listen to "The Reason," by Hoobastank!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

back to school! kind of...

My school does pictures before school actually starts. We call it "Falcon Days." Basically, it gives the school an excuse to get us all back, take our pictures, screw up our schedules, and tell us they won't do anything about it until the day we actually go back. I'm not bitter at all. NOT. AT. ALL.

Anywho, yesterday was the seniors and freshmen day. Here's what I wore... Well, not exactly. I had a navy tank underneath the orange one, but that's in the wash now.

jacket, volcom; tank, old navy; jeans, american eagle; necklace, ann taylor loft; bag, vintage; belt, thrifted (more in next post); flats, kohl's.

I'm known for taking notoriously bad school pictures. In fifth grade, I blinked and almost forgot to have that picture retaken. It was pretty bad. However, this year's picture turned out pretty good.

  Cutesy, right? Senior year (this year) is left, junior year is on the right. I look pretty much the same, except for the braces. 

Super quickie post. Sorry! Next one will be longer, I promise!
(that's what she said...?)

Have a great day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

quick post- happy monday!

I've more or less had my laptop taken away from me, so I had to run downstairs and make this post real quickly... Shh!

Just one picture today...
top, toska, from boss wear; tank (underneath), american eagle; shorts, kirra, from pacsun; locket, forever 21; sandals, ann taylor loft; bag, vintage salvatore ferragamo.

And... I got bangs!
Terrible Myspace-style picture, but they're super adorable and I swear they look better in person. Promise.

 I also picked this up on Saturday before the (terrible) parade. It's so precious!
It was cute, but a little big, so I stitched on a ribbon around the waist so it's a little bit more fitted! So adorable!

I'm going vintage/thrift shopping with my friend tomorrow, so I've got my fingers crossed!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

sunday afternoon... doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "sunday morning."

I sat down in the computer chair and started singing "Sunday Morning," by Maroon 5. Go figure.

I wore this to church today. Haven't worn the skirt since the Fourth of July and decided it was time to break it out. It's so wonderful. And it makes my hips look so huge. Again, go figure.

I'm so not smiling in the first picture. Whoops.
t-shirt, hanes; skirt, plastic island; shoes, ann taylor loft; necklace, ann taylor loft; sunglasses, vera by vera wang; bag, vintage salvatore ferragamo; ring, abbey dawn, from kohl's.

I fear that my dad might have me wash his car today in the near ninety degree weather. Granted, that what I've been totally hoping for, but it's one thing to hope it comes, and certainly another when it does and the air-conditioning is so glorious. Really, I just don't want a sunburn. Because they suck and I burn so easily... Goody.

Here's the "Sunday Morning" video. You know, in the offchance that you don't know the song. It's super easy to sing along to, as I am as I write this.

Have a great day, whatever weather you're in!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

insert some clever title here because i can't think of one.

This is the prettiest song ever. Seriously. It's one of the most played songs on my iPod. Yes, it's from Halo, but it's not loud. It's got such a gorgeous piano line.

Funny story: the guy I liked during drama played piano and I totally was daydreaming about handing him the music and asking him to play it. And then, a few weeks later, during the hour or two we have before shows, there was a bunch of people hanging out in the choir room and he plopped down at the piano and just started playing it. I freaked out because I was so excited.

It's called "Never Forget," from Halo 3.

Fun fact: I'm sitting in the sun right now and it's really hot. Oh, and I hate parades. Like, a lot. We sat next to a grandma in teal booty shorts (and a matching top), stockings, giant gold sunglasses, bright pink lipstick, lace socks, and athletic shoes. I'm convinced that it's only for parades that the true bad dressers come out in public.

I promise you all an outfit post tomorrow. Promise.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"i've been afraid of changing 'cause i've built my life around you..."

"Landslide," by Fleetwood Mac. It just happened to be on when I was writing the title for this post. Title never actually have anything to do with anything I post. It's a terrible habit.

Monday night, after my friend went home (it's been a while since I saw her and we were fighting for about a week and just needed to hang out), to avoid doing my summer reading homework, I decided to clean up my room, or, in my case, move around boxes. I had a nice little spot over by my windows that was home to a few unpacked boxes. I relocated them to under my desk, which I never use anyhow. And that's all there really was to it. I have a cute little picture taking space now. Yay!

This isn't actually what I wore today, as I didn't go anywhere, although I was supposed to go somewhere and this is what I would have worn.

sweater, alloy; polka-dot bodysuit. forever 21; shorts, bullhead, from pacsun; shoes, candie's, from kohl's; bag, vintage salvatore ferrragamo; gold stud necklace, ann taylor loft; teal necklace, thrifted.

And here was me playing dress up. I suddenly have every intention of wearing this somewhere.

sweater, thrifted; polka-dot bodysuit (worn underneath sweater), forever 21; striped skirt, forever 21; shoes, deena & ozzy, from urbanoutfitters.com; gold stud necklace, ann taylor loft; teal necklace and clock necklace, both thrifted; bag, thrifted.

And here's both some random pictures of the recent room clean-up, as well as my closet and desk. Yay...

This is my cello. He (yes, my cello is a boy) now lives in front of the wall where I used to take pictures. Yahoo.
  Hello, Walk-In Closet.
Anything you want to see in an upcoming outfit post? Let me know in the comments!
I got the two on the right from a garage sale for a dollar apiece. They're so beautiful and there's notations in them from the previous owner. 
This is just some of my books, and my painting, from my one of my best friends, at the top. The painting was a requested birthday gift from March of '09, and the poem in front of it, that goes along with the painting, is from March of '10. It's quite lovely.

In the sidebar poll, a lot of you said that you'd like to see a photoshoot with my new homecoming dress, but that probably won't happen for a little while, as my photography enthusiast friend (who is the one who did the painting and poem) is vacationing until the beginning of next week. So it should happen by the end of the summer.

I need to repaint my nails soon... Any ideas?

Have a good day (or the rest of one, anyways)!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

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purple people eater. or perhaps just pants.

My mom, apparently, ordered a pair of pants from Ann Taylor Loft that she thought would be nice pink-y color, as they were advertised as 'petal pink.' They came in the mail the other day and were instead a wonderful light purple, lilac-y color. They didn't fit her so she passed them on to me.

Earlier, I found myself wishing they were a more normal color, like khaki or grey or even some shade of blue. As is my habit, I wore them to church this morning, because I always seem to wear new stuff to church. It's probably the only time during the summer that I really get to dress up and not wear shorts.

Despite their purpleness, their overall shape reminded me of a blog post from one of my favorite blogs, Mint & Birds, KARLA'S CLOSET. So I wore them and put on a huge, self-confident smile.

pants, ann taylor loft; tank, kirra, pacsun, sweater, ann taylor loft; shoes, deena & ozzy, urban outfitter's; gold stud necklace, ann taylor loft; clock necklace, thrifted; bag, vintage salvatore ferragamo.

My phone takes surprisingly good pictures when I turn macro on. These are my nails; I'm quite liking how they turned out.

 My best friend and I made up a list of the hottest famous guys we could think of. It's quite expansive. I believe we were up to nearly 190 names at last count.
If anyone wants a copy of it (a Word document) or has a name that should be added to the list, feel free to send me an email!

My motto for the day is: "Do one thing every day that scares you" (Eleanor Roosevelt). Or, in my case, wear one thing each day that puts you just a little bit out of your comfort zone, like the purple pants!

Have a great day!


{PS-- In hind sight, I realize that these pants are a lot better in real life. They didn't quite photograph fantastically. Oops.}