Saturday, April 24, 2010

it's that time of year, i guess.

So, apparently, the spring season is rolling around. Someone ought to let the Washington weather know. It's been rainy all day, but I guess it's sunny now.

Last Sunday, actually, was quite beautiful and sunny, so I decided to wash the family cars (there's three and they all have names-- Miss Amy, Juliet, and The Diva). So, to pay me for my work, I asked my mom to buy me this skirt that I've been drooling over at Urban Outfitter's. Seriously. I love this skirt. I've been watching it since November.

Here's the skirt's online picture.

Here's me, taking a really awful picture with my phone. I look like I'm concentrating SO hard. The blue shirt is Gap, I believe. I've never worn it. The skirt is, obviously, UO, and the belt is Charlotte Russe.

And, today, after a Saturday rehearsal for the show, I went to Kohl's with my friend, partly because I didn't want to be home, partly because I wanted to shop. I've kind of got a thing for tuxedo shoes/oxford shoes. I found a pair, marked down to $18.99 and, what can I say, it was fate. I bought them.

 They're kind of fabulous, no?

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Monday, April 19, 2010

More model pictures!

She just put up some new ones on Facebook.
These are back at my house, either in the back (with the patio, rocks, or staircase) or out in front of the garage. 

 This one is my new favorite. I'm going to make it my profile picture on FB, probably. And you can see the reflection of the treadmill in the background. Hooray!
Red dress: B. Darlin. Checkered jacket: borrowed, label says "Cross Country Fashions." Gold bracelet: thrifted. Ankle boots: Charles Albert, from

AC/DC Shirt: borrowed, no label. Blue tank: American Eagle Outfitters. Leggings: Forever 21. Aslan Bag: Thrifted. Shoes: White House|Black Market. Gold bracelet: Thrifted.

And this is my eye. Crazy color, no?

 Blog post ends here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New model pictures.

I have this friend who quite enjoys taking pictures, so on Tuesday morning, me and my friends found ourselves at a skate park and a plain old park with a couple cameras. These are some of the better ones. I guess I'll post more when she posts them.

This is my profile picture on Facebook. I love it.

I'm actually looking at the camera this time...

I'm wearing lace tights, booties from Urban Outfitters, a hot pink top from Goodwill (hooray!), the skirt from my orchestra outfit, a Forever 21 blazer, gold cuff from Goodwill, and a Forever 21 necklace.

You like?

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