Friday, August 20, 2010

back to school! kind of...

My school does pictures before school actually starts. We call it "Falcon Days." Basically, it gives the school an excuse to get us all back, take our pictures, screw up our schedules, and tell us they won't do anything about it until the day we actually go back. I'm not bitter at all. NOT. AT. ALL.

Anywho, yesterday was the seniors and freshmen day. Here's what I wore... Well, not exactly. I had a navy tank underneath the orange one, but that's in the wash now.

jacket, volcom; tank, old navy; jeans, american eagle; necklace, ann taylor loft; bag, vintage; belt, thrifted (more in next post); flats, kohl's.

I'm known for taking notoriously bad school pictures. In fifth grade, I blinked and almost forgot to have that picture retaken. It was pretty bad. However, this year's picture turned out pretty good.

  Cutesy, right? Senior year (this year) is left, junior year is on the right. I look pretty much the same, except for the braces. 

Super quickie post. Sorry! Next one will be longer, I promise!
(that's what she said...?)

Have a great day!

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