Sunday, August 8, 2010

purple people eater. or perhaps just pants.

My mom, apparently, ordered a pair of pants from Ann Taylor Loft that she thought would be nice pink-y color, as they were advertised as 'petal pink.' They came in the mail the other day and were instead a wonderful light purple, lilac-y color. They didn't fit her so she passed them on to me.

Earlier, I found myself wishing they were a more normal color, like khaki or grey or even some shade of blue. As is my habit, I wore them to church this morning, because I always seem to wear new stuff to church. It's probably the only time during the summer that I really get to dress up and not wear shorts.

Despite their purpleness, their overall shape reminded me of a blog post from one of my favorite blogs, Mint & Birds, KARLA'S CLOSET. So I wore them and put on a huge, self-confident smile.

pants, ann taylor loft; tank, kirra, pacsun, sweater, ann taylor loft; shoes, deena & ozzy, urban outfitter's; gold stud necklace, ann taylor loft; clock necklace, thrifted; bag, vintage salvatore ferragamo.

My phone takes surprisingly good pictures when I turn macro on. These are my nails; I'm quite liking how they turned out.

 My best friend and I made up a list of the hottest famous guys we could think of. It's quite expansive. I believe we were up to nearly 190 names at last count.
If anyone wants a copy of it (a Word document) or has a name that should be added to the list, feel free to send me an email!

My motto for the day is: "Do one thing every day that scares you" (Eleanor Roosevelt). Or, in my case, wear one thing each day that puts you just a little bit out of your comfort zone, like the purple pants!

Have a great day!


{PS-- In hind sight, I realize that these pants are a lot better in real life. They didn't quite photograph fantastically. Oops.}

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  1. just want to check that list out please and thanks.