Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"so far we are so close."

"So Close," by Jon Mclaughlin. It's from 'Enchanted,' so if it sounds familiar, that's why. I officially love this song. It's so wonderful! Unfortunately, the video itself is kind of terrible, so maybe you ought to just listen to it and not watch... Or perhaps peruse some earlier posts while it plays!

For some weird reason, our internet was out for the latter half of Monday and all of yesterday, which is why there was a lack of posts. Ironically, in the days previous, I had no motivation to post anything and as soon as the internet went out, I was just itching to post. I went and worked out instead. Good use of my time? I do believe so.

Mostly, my brain has just been all over the place, but I logged on to Polyvore this morning (well, it was eleven-ish but I had just woken up!) and made a set that I particularly liked and thought I'd share it with you.

It kind fits my current style, or at least the aesthetic.

I went garage sale-ing on Saturday and got something I'm super excited about. I'll be dedicating an entire post to it soon, I promise.

Also, do me a favor and vote in the poll on the right sidebar. And shoot me an email; I need suggestions, inspirations, anything! Attach pictures, quotes, whatever makes you think. I'll post it if there's anything completely amazing.


Have a good day, everyone!

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