Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"i've been afraid of changing 'cause i've built my life around you..."

"Landslide," by Fleetwood Mac. It just happened to be on when I was writing the title for this post. Title never actually have anything to do with anything I post. It's a terrible habit.

Monday night, after my friend went home (it's been a while since I saw her and we were fighting for about a week and just needed to hang out), to avoid doing my summer reading homework, I decided to clean up my room, or, in my case, move around boxes. I had a nice little spot over by my windows that was home to a few unpacked boxes. I relocated them to under my desk, which I never use anyhow. And that's all there really was to it. I have a cute little picture taking space now. Yay!

This isn't actually what I wore today, as I didn't go anywhere, although I was supposed to go somewhere and this is what I would have worn.

sweater, alloy; polka-dot bodysuit. forever 21; shorts, bullhead, from pacsun; shoes, candie's, from kohl's; bag, vintage salvatore ferrragamo; gold stud necklace, ann taylor loft; teal necklace, thrifted.

And here was me playing dress up. I suddenly have every intention of wearing this somewhere.

sweater, thrifted; polka-dot bodysuit (worn underneath sweater), forever 21; striped skirt, forever 21; shoes, deena & ozzy, from; gold stud necklace, ann taylor loft; teal necklace and clock necklace, both thrifted; bag, thrifted.

And here's both some random pictures of the recent room clean-up, as well as my closet and desk. Yay...

This is my cello. He (yes, my cello is a boy) now lives in front of the wall where I used to take pictures. Yahoo.
  Hello, Walk-In Closet.
Anything you want to see in an upcoming outfit post? Let me know in the comments!
I got the two on the right from a garage sale for a dollar apiece. They're so beautiful and there's notations in them from the previous owner. 
This is just some of my books, and my painting, from my one of my best friends, at the top. The painting was a requested birthday gift from March of '09, and the poem in front of it, that goes along with the painting, is from March of '10. It's quite lovely.

In the sidebar poll, a lot of you said that you'd like to see a photoshoot with my new homecoming dress, but that probably won't happen for a little while, as my photography enthusiast friend (who is the one who did the painting and poem) is vacationing until the beginning of next week. So it should happen by the end of the summer.

I need to repaint my nails soon... Any ideas?

Have a good day (or the rest of one, anyways)!


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  1. I love the look of the big white tiered skirt dress... absolutely lovely..
    1001 ways to be more lovely