Saturday, August 14, 2010

insert some clever title here because i can't think of one.

This is the prettiest song ever. Seriously. It's one of the most played songs on my iPod. Yes, it's from Halo, but it's not loud. It's got such a gorgeous piano line.

Funny story: the guy I liked during drama played piano and I totally was daydreaming about handing him the music and asking him to play it. And then, a few weeks later, during the hour or two we have before shows, there was a bunch of people hanging out in the choir room and he plopped down at the piano and just started playing it. I freaked out because I was so excited.

It's called "Never Forget," from Halo 3.

Fun fact: I'm sitting in the sun right now and it's really hot. Oh, and I hate parades. Like, a lot. We sat next to a grandma in teal booty shorts (and a matching top), stockings, giant gold sunglasses, bright pink lipstick, lace socks, and athletic shoes. I'm convinced that it's only for parades that the true bad dressers come out in public.

I promise you all an outfit post tomorrow. Promise.

Have a great day!


  1. Thans for your nice comment. The song is great. Love it :)

  2. hey,
    sometimes I take my pictures. The lst pictures on my blog are taken by me. I just put the camera on sth. and then the camera takes the photo :)