Saturday, August 7, 2010

"one song to leave behind..."

I saw RENT at a nearby theater last night. It was PHENOMENAL. Well, you know, aside from some sound issues that, naturally, will arise from having mics on sixteen people. 

I saw the movie back when I was a cute little (okay, not so little height-wise) eighth grader. Obviously, it was a bit mature for me then, and I couldn't understand a lot of the lyrics, although now, I'm realizing now how much I love it.

I was intent on not admitting to myself that I thought the guy who played Roger (who also co-directed, did lighting design, AND costume design) was really attractive until he sung "One Song Glory," and I think I might have swooned. Like, a lot. Apparently, everyone else did, too.

Here's the 1996 OBC Recording of "One Song Glory." Enjoy!


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