Monday, August 16, 2010

quick post- happy monday!

I've more or less had my laptop taken away from me, so I had to run downstairs and make this post real quickly... Shh!

Just one picture today...
top, toska, from boss wear; tank (underneath), american eagle; shorts, kirra, from pacsun; locket, forever 21; sandals, ann taylor loft; bag, vintage salvatore ferragamo.

And... I got bangs!
Terrible Myspace-style picture, but they're super adorable and I swear they look better in person. Promise.

 I also picked this up on Saturday before the (terrible) parade. It's so precious!
It was cute, but a little big, so I stitched on a ribbon around the waist so it's a little bit more fitted! So adorable!

I'm going vintage/thrift shopping with my friend tomorrow, so I've got my fingers crossed!


  1. ah, that polkadotted blouse is heavenly. wouldn't mind owning one myself! great scoop btw :)

  2. love the vintage bag, and polkadots shirt is always great find !