Monday, July 12, 2010

I have a Justin Bieber song stuck in my head, and that relates to this post in no way at all.

I saw 'Despicable Me' today. Funniest movie I've seen in a while, by far.

In other news, here's some outfits.
I'm in front of my window in some of these, but I cropped the closet door out of most of them. And my face, too. Mostly because I was making some weird face in the majority of them. It's a gift. It really is.

Top: Toska, from Boss Wear Girls. (Should I know who the picture is of on the shirt? Because I don't.)
Skirt: Forever21.
Shoes: Deena and Ozzy, from Urban Outfitter's.
Bag: no-namer, from the fair.
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft.

Dress: no brand on tag, from the FIDM Scholarship store.
Belt: Charlotte Russe.
Necklaces: studded gold necklace, Ann Taylor Loft; black pendant, no name; feather charm necklace, Forever21; cameo pendant, no name; heart and key charm necklace, Forever21.
Shoes: Charles Albert, from
This one's just dress up, although I could possibly wear it somewhere... Right?

I left the flash on. Whoops. Although, for once, I might actually like these picture. 

3 days until Friday. And you know what Friday is? 
I'm so ridiculously excited for that.

Blog post ends here.


  1. Holy shit, I need that bag. It's gorgeous!
    You're so pretty!

  2. I loooove your UO shoes.
    Found your blog from TeenVogue.
    Congratulations for being best dressed reader of the day!
    Anyway, I just watched Despicable Me too..
    Surely it's funniest movie and cutest too.
    I did post it on my blog.
    Visit me if you'd like to.