Friday, July 2, 2010

Two things. Obviously. :D

First item of business at hand...

Goodness. I love LA. And FIDM. What a wonderful place.

For those of you that managed to completely miss something, I was in California for a few days (okay, try six) in this little town they call Los Angeles visiting this college for a three day thing. No biggie. Oh. And I went to Disneyland, too.
I'm not sure which is worse: that I'm going to be a senior and I was ridiculously excited to go to Disneyland, or that I might have been more excited to go to Disneyland than to FIDM.

Either way, here's some pictures...

Day One (well, not counting the day we flew in): FIDM's Three Days of Fashion and then Disneyland. And two hours of traffic getting there and an hour getting back.
Day Two: FIDM's Three Days of Fashion and then Universal City Walk. And dinner at Samba, with a ridiculously attractive waiter who MIGHT have been flirting with me.
Day Three: FIDM's Three Days of Fashion and then Disneyland.
Days Four and Five: Disneyland, California Adventure (we saw Aladdin at the Hyperion Theater TWICE!). And World of Color was AMAZING. Seriously. Go see it. Disney's not even paying me to endorse it.

Star Tours... First ride we went on. Because, one, I'm a HUUUGE Star Wars fan. And, two, they're re-making it. So it needed to be done.
(Wearing, though you can't see it, a Boston concert tee, 2008; striped shorts, PacSun; locket, Forever21; and COACH sneaker, that cost a small fortune and gave me blisters.)
Marilyn Monroe made out of a disgustingly ridiculous amount of jellybeans. Holy cow, Batman.
Cheesecake. At Starbucks. I love Universal City Walk.
And a giant shrimp. This is ironic. Because I hate seafood. And the thought of a person in a shrimp suit kind of freaks me out. Look closely. I'm TERRIFIED.
(Wearing a burnout tee from PacSun; striped shorts, also from PacSun; necklace, thrifted; white sandals, Ann Taylor Loft; and my bag is a no-namer.)
Day three of workshops: Draping the Dress. No sewing, just pins. Woohoo.
I'm wearing a white Hanes tee (LOVE 'em), Forever21 striped skirt, and a FOX Racing Co. sweater. Oh. And Ann Taylor Loft sandals. But you can't see those.

NICK VERREOS. From season two of Project Runway.
I suck at taking candids. I make anyone and everyone look unattractive, even if they're adorable in real life. Like Nick.
And his model, Amanda Fields, season three of Project Runway. She's a doll. And RIDICULOUSLY tall.
AND THERE'S ME! Amanda loved me outfit, liked the mixed prints. And Nick liked my shoes. YESSSSS. My life is complete.
Cute prom picture. 
He smells amazing. For the record.
All three.

On the Tea Cups ride. Wearing a purple top from Kohl's, I believe, American Eagle shorts, and the white Ann Taylor Loft sandals, which managed to escape being pictured the entire trip. Sneaky.

So. There you have it. That's about it. My six-day trip in picture. Mind you, I lost my camera for the duration of the trip under one of the seats in the rental car and had to use my dad's.

Second item on the agenda...

Are you ready for this?

Get ready.

Wait for it.

I'm going to be on the Teen Vogue Snapshot Blog.

Okay. Go ahead and scream now.

I'm SO excited. :D

JULY 16th.

The end.

Also, one more thing. I watched "The Proposal." Finally. Ryan Reynolds is SUPER cute.


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  1. Say you on Teen Vogue - well done on the feature! We are so jealous that you got to meet (and hug) Nick!!
    Looks like you had an amazing time!
    Greetings from Ireland
    Fifi & Niamh