Saturday, April 24, 2010

it's that time of year, i guess.

So, apparently, the spring season is rolling around. Someone ought to let the Washington weather know. It's been rainy all day, but I guess it's sunny now.

Last Sunday, actually, was quite beautiful and sunny, so I decided to wash the family cars (there's three and they all have names-- Miss Amy, Juliet, and The Diva). So, to pay me for my work, I asked my mom to buy me this skirt that I've been drooling over at Urban Outfitter's. Seriously. I love this skirt. I've been watching it since November.

Here's the skirt's online picture.

Here's me, taking a really awful picture with my phone. I look like I'm concentrating SO hard. The blue shirt is Gap, I believe. I've never worn it. The skirt is, obviously, UO, and the belt is Charlotte Russe.

And, today, after a Saturday rehearsal for the show, I went to Kohl's with my friend, partly because I didn't want to be home, partly because I wanted to shop. I've kind of got a thing for tuxedo shoes/oxford shoes. I found a pair, marked down to $18.99 and, what can I say, it was fate. I bought them.

 They're kind of fabulous, no?

Blog post ends here.

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