Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Style Direction-- Be a Doll.

Taking a leaf out of Gala Darling's book this year, I decided to change my style up a bit. Or, rather, improve upon it. So, here I present to you...

She wears her favorite fur coats out to dinner, out to shop, out with friends—everywhere. Her nails are immaculate, whether glittery or a single color. Every outfit she wears has a healthy dose of sparkle. Her first coat of lipstick happens as soon as she rolls out of bed. She still writes notes to her friends. No outfit is complete for her without something glittery, sparkly, or shiny. Her hair is smooth and shiny, straight or curly.
She literally glows from within. She is careful not to wear tight layers. She loves to layer texture, length, color, and fit. Leather is always paired with soft fabrics and colors. She wears pretty things under all her clothes, no matter how late she is or unkempt she looks. She wears sequined knee-highs with skirts, dresses, and shorts, with heels and oxfords. Shoes are not worn as an afterthought to her outfits, but as the finishing touch. She still makes jewelry for her friends, to give as gifts and as surprises. Casual separates are worn with heels or dressy flats and dressy jackets.
 She overdresses, no matter what the occasion, but she remains blissfully unaware. Her favorite things in her jewelry box are vintage-looking necklaces. She keeps pictures of her friends inside her lockets. She shops everywhere—the mall, vintage stores, Goodwill—and does not care about labels. Her clothes have special details—beading, ruffles, etc.—that make everything distinctly her own. She isn’t afraid to dress monochromatically, but appreciates a nice pop of color with the details. When she wears jeans, she makes them special with statement jewelry and sparkle. She isn’t afraid to be trendy, but does not rely on trends to dictate what she buys.
 She isn’t afraid to look different from everyone else in the room. She mixes basic pieces with special pieces, as well as special pieces together. Her proportions are always impeccable. She loves to make things with her friends—cookies, sequin-covered socks, jewelry… She is always subtly sexy, rather than overtly sexy. She wears a healthy dose of mascara every time she goes out, sometimes with false lashes. She is unafraid of mixing two or three prints in outfit. For everyday dressing, she is overdressed; for nighttime dressing, she is glam.

Sequins are an almost daily occurrence. She loves having a signature piece of jewelry—and she loves wearing it almost daily. Piling on rings is an art form for her. She’s not afraid to sparkle.
She enjoys fancy and/or sparkly headwear on a regular basis. She thinks that loose pieces are sexier than skin-tight pieces any day. She wears what she wants, with whatever she wants, when she wants—and doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She dresses for herself, not for others. There is something of interest to every outfit she wears—she won’t leave the house unless she feels special.
 Photos via,Google Images, and tumblr.
Outfit ideas: Skinny sweatpants with soft tops and fitted blazers over with a scarf and heels. Skinny sweats, fur coat, drape-y tank, sparkly shoes, statement necklace. Fur coat, corset, high-waisted pants or shorts. High-waisted skirt, sequined knee high socks, loose top in soft fabric. Light, drape-y cardigan, skinny jeans, heels or boots. Moto-style jackets with frilly dresses and glittery oxfords. Printed tights, bandage mini skirt or mini skirt, loose sweater, necklaces, sparkly shoes. Shorts, printed tights, boyfriend blazer, drape-y tank, flats. Fur vest, long sleeve tee, printed tights, miniskirt, flats, statement necklace.
Screen capture from Mini Editor using item below.
Things I need: lace dresses, sequined socks and tights, skirts (lots and lots of them!), more dresses, glittery shoes, more sparkle and pizazz, sparkly hats, leopard print, printed tights and socks, more colorful jewelry, pins and brooches, velvet blazer, fur coat, sequined leggings and shorts, little chiffon-y dresses to pair with flats and cardigans, lots and lots of nail polish colors, ruffles, stripes, the perfect slouchy tee, more sweaters.

If you make a set with the mini-editor below, you could win $500 in a Polyvore Blogger contest, so go crazy!

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In short, my New Year's resolution is to wear more skirts and dressy and to make an effort to look more special-- and to remember to post more outfits on my blog!

Happy New Year!


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  2. I like this post.. sounds like such a character the girl you describe.. cool style

  3. Chic an dstylish! follow each other darling? Kisses