Friday, September 3, 2010

(funny) pictures.

I'm always saving pictures to various folders on my laptop and, occasionally, on the big computer. It's kind of a nasty habit that I just can't really seem to break; if I see something I like or that speaks to me... right click, save photo, done.

Be forewarned: you should laugh, if only just a little bit.
Makes me laugh every time. And I can make fun of Seattle because I live just outside of it.
Words can't even describe how wonderful this is. It's kind of awesome and funny at the same time, in a way that's not really funny at all, you know?
 I posted this on my friend's Facebook wall because she loves Harry Potter (she tried to start a Harry Potter club at our school a few years ago) and she loves Ke$ha, despite the initial trashiness that just comes from Ke$ha being Ke$ha.
Clearly the most awesome photo ever. I really want to put this on the cover of one of my notebooks.
This is how I laughed when I read this: "Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahaha. I get it."

I really ought to stop being so involved in after-school activities... I have drama auditions after school today. (Is it that time already?!) Wish me luck!

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